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3 inch LACT Unit Coriolis Meter
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Custom Measurement Skid - 3" LACT Unit with Coriolis Meter and Sample Pot
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Legacy Measurement Solutions (formerly J-W Measurement Company) offers engineered measurement, production and process equipment, operating supplies, and services to the oil and natural gas industry, including: engineered ultrasonic and orifice measurement stations, custom or standard meter tubes, LACT Units, gas production units, production equipment, process equipment, power supply equipment, and fabricated buildings along with a full complement of  field, lab and gas accounting services. Our measurement products, such as orifice plates, EFM’s, solar panels and many other related products, are readily available at competitive prices in our local field offices. Through industry-leading expertise and state-of-the-art technology, Legacy can solve even the greatest of today’s challenges for oil and natural gas measurement, production and process related manufactured products to meet your unique requirements.

Oil and Natural Gas Measurement Solutions

Manufactured Products

Fabrication capabilities for most manufactured measurement equipment, custom buildings, custom skids & packages, and ASME code shops for vessels & other production and process equipment.


Field Office Locations Nationwide

Local field offices in the hottest shale plays in the lower 48 states means we have supplies & products on hand to help you meet your daily critical needs, monthly requirements, and yearly objectives.


Oil & Natural Gas Services

We provide field, lab and gas accounting services to the oil and natural gas industry with superior service and response. Our field technicians are located in strategic geographic areas to better serve you.


Strategic Supply Agreements

We are the largest company of our type in the U.S. That allows us to tailor our production, planning, and raw material levels to meet your forecasted requirements across a broad geographic footprint.